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degrenne was founded in 1948 by Guy Degrenne and rebuilt after the Second World War in France. He quickly realized the potential of stainless steel, so he recovered the Normandy battle tank to make stainless steel tableware. degrenne embodies the "art of life" in France, adding a touch of style to every moment of the day. degrenne was awarded the French excellent brand "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant".

The Degrenne glass line for Carafes and Decanter, perfect for magnifying wines or liquors available in our EMPILEO pattern.

degrenne Guy Degrenne1948年成立,法國二次大戰後重建,他迅速意識不銹鋼的潛力,於是回收諾曼第戰役坦克製作不銹鋼餐具。degrenne體現法國的生活藝術,為一天中的每刻增添一絲風格。degrenne獲得法國卓越品牌“Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”

Degrenne Carafes Decanter EMPILEO系列,非常適合可用的葡萄酒或烈酒

Degrenne Empileo Glass Pitcher 75cl

SKU: 000379