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Vita Craft is a brand of KAI in Japan. Since its establishment in 1939, Vita Craft has been advocating healthy cooking. This concept is based on the founding spirit of the United States to “protect family health through family cooking”.

The main body of the omelette pan is made of five-layer stainless steel, so that the bottom of the pan and the body of the pan are heated evenly, achieving the effect of water-free and oil-free cooking and fully preserving food nutrition. Coating inside the pot, non-stick pot, easy to clean, necessary for making Japanese-style egg rolls.

Egg pan Size: 19.5x14.X3.5cm

日本KAI(貝印)旗下品牌,自1939年成立以來,Vita Craft一直宣導健康烹飪,這一理念基於美國的建國精神``通過家庭烹飪保護家庭健康''

煎蛋鍋主體是五層不銹鋼, 使鍋底至鍋身受熱均勻,達到無水無油烹調效果,充份保存食物營養。鍋內塗層處理,不沾鍋,容易清潔,做日式蛋卷必備。

尺寸: 19.5x14.X3.5cm

Vita Craft Egg Pan

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