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Don't be tricked by the name. This soap doesn't smell like fish! In fact, the opposite is true! This Kikkerland fish soap has been proven to remove fish, onions and other odors from your hands. The specially polished frosted surface of the stainless steel material rubs against the object, and the released iron ions combine with odor molecules, so it can achieve the magical effect of deodorization. It's like magic! Use it like ordinary soap to make all the cooking smell disappear without a shadow!

不要被這個名字所迷惑,這種香皂聞起來不像魚!其實恰恰相反!這款魚肥皂已被證明可以清除手上的魚,洋蔥和其他異味,不銹鋼材料經特殊打磨的磨砂表面與物體摩擦,釋放出來的鐵離子跟異味分子結合, 所以能達到祛味的神奇效果。就像魔法一樣!像普通的肥皂一樣使用它,讓所有的烹飪氣味消失得無影無粽

Kikkerland Fish Magic Soap

SKU: 000222