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Maxwell Williams is a leading Australian tableware brand. From the kitchen to the table and beyond, Maxwell Williams has a piece for every occasion – from a casual afternoon tea to a dinner party banquet. It uses only the finest materials available from the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end ceramics, glass, stainless steel, and acrylics.

Cashmere Luxe is an effortlessly stylish collection of tableware, designed in fine bone china. With hand-painted rims finished in real gold, Cashmere Luxe is the perfect range when you need that something extra special.

12-piece dinner set

  • Fine bone china
  • Contains 4 x high rim dinner plates, 4 x high rim side plates and 4 x bowls
  • Hand-painted gold detail
  • Hand wash recommended

Maxwell Williams 是澳洲知名的餐具品牌。 從廚房到餐桌,Maxwell Williams 都能滿足各種場合的需求——從休閒下午茶到晚宴宴會。 它只使用世界領先的高端陶瓷、玻璃、不銹鋼和亞克力製造商提供的最好材料。

Cashmere Luxe 是一系列輕鬆時尚的餐具,採用優質骨瓷設計。 Cashmere Luxe 採用真金手繪輪輞,是您需要特別的東西時的完美系列。

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