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  • Microplane Easy Prep Garlic ChopperMaterials: Main body / ABS resin, Elastomer pusher / Polycarbonate blade / Stainless steel You can evenly and easily chop garlic of about 2 mm square without getting your hands or cutting board dirty.
  • Since the internal pusher pushes out to the end, there is no waste.
  • It can be disassembled and is easy to clean.
  • 材質:主體/ABS樹脂、彈性體推桿/聚碳酸酯刀片/不銹鋼 您可以均勻輕鬆地切碎約2毫米見方的大蒜,而不會弄髒您的手或砧板。
  • 由於內部推動器推出到底,沒有浪費。
  • 可拆卸,易於清潔。

Microplane Easy Prep Garlic Chopper