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The Large Shaver delivers fast shavings of chocolate for baking recipes and garnishes, and quickly grates a wide range of hard and soft foods. All Microplane 45000 Gourmet Series graters are dishwasher-safe, featuring all stainless steel frame and blade construction, non-slip rubber feet, and ergonomic, soft touch handles for a more comfortable, sure grip. Available in eight unique blade styles.

可快速切碎巧克力,用於烘焙食譜和裝飾品,并快速磨碎各種硬質和軟質食物。 所有 Microplane 45000 Gourmet 系列刨絲器均可用洗碗機清洗,採用全不銹鋼框架和刀片結構、防滑橡膠支腳和符合人體工程學的柔軟觸感手柄,可提供更舒適、更可靠的抓握。 提供八種獨特的刀片樣式。

Microplane Gourmet Large Shaver Grater (Black)

SKU: 000027