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Designed by the Spanish ceramic brand PORDAMSA. The Apiari Tasting Tray is a limited edition in the PORDAMSA Sublime series. It is a hand-made perfect design tray with a strong sense of art and full of infinite imagination. With a circular groove layout to form a perfect dinner plate, chefs can play creatively with their cooking. The glossy glaze and the unglazed simplicity are intertwined, forming an attractive visual and tactile contrast.

由西班牙陶瓷品牌PORDAMSA所設計。Apiari 品嘗賞味盤是PORDAMSA Sublime 系列中的限量款,手工製作出藝術感強烈,充滿無限想像的完美設計器皿。以圓形凹槽佈局成一個完美餐盤,大廚們可盡情發揮創意玩料理,光澤釉料與不上釉的樸實質感的交錯,形成吸引人的視覺及觸覺對比。

PORDAMSA Apiari Tasting Tray 10.5cm

SKU: 000249