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The first Redecker brushes were handmade in 1935. The founder, Friedel Redecker, was blind when he was a child. His creativity, quality awareness and perseverance made Redecker a company. After three generations, the products are still selling well all over the world.

Redecker's name represents nature. All products are made of natural and sustainable raw materials. The combination of solid craftsmanship and continuous innovation combines elegance and practicality.

To give your homemade bread shape and structure, let the dough rise in a well-floured fermenting basket. In this way it retains its shape, is supplied with sufficient oxygen and makes your bread especially light and airy.

  • rattan reed
  • Size: Ø 25.5 cm

第一批Redecker刷子是1935年手工製作的。創始Friedel Redecker小時候就瞎了,他的創造力,品質意識和毅力使Redecker成為一家在三代人之後產品仍然暢銷世界各地。


為了給您自製的麵包形狀和結構,讓麵團在撒了麵粉的發酵籃中發酵。 通過這種方式,它保持其形狀,提供充足的氧氣,使您的麵包特別輕盈透氣。

  • 藤條
  • 尺寸:Ø 25.5 厘米