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The first Redecker brushes were handmade in 1935. The founder, Friedel Redecker, was blind when he was a child. His creativity, quality awareness and perseverance made Redecker a company. After three generations, the products are still selling well all over the world.

Redecker's name represents nature. All products are made of natural and sustainable raw materials. The combination of solid craftsmanship and continuous innovation combines elegance and practicality.

Redecker´s "Multi-Wood" line of sweeping set: In work which is 100% manual, the individual layers of wood are laminated together. Only hand-picked indigenous wood is used for these exclusive articles. The process is a very lengthy one, because the wood must be absolutely dry. 

  • matrix
  • two parts, held together by magnets
  • various indigenous woods
  • bristle/stainless steel
  • Size: 16 x 11 cm

第一批Redecker刷子是1935年手工製作的。創始Friedel Redecker小時候就瞎了,他的創造力,品質意識和毅力使Redecker成為一家在三代人之後產品仍然暢銷世界各地。


Redecker 的“Multi-Wood”系列:在 100% 手工製作中,單層木材層壓在一起。 只使用手工採摘的本土木材製作這些獨家商品。 這個過程是一個非常漫長的過程,因為木材必須絕對乾燥。 

  • 矩陣
  • 兩部分,由磁鐵固定在一起
  • 各種本土木材
  • 猪鬃/不銹鋼
  • 尺寸:16 x 11 厘米

Redecker Table Sweeping Set

SKU: 000335