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The EQUINOXE series is inspired by planets, moons and seasons. The design is bright and stylish but also expresses the original taste.

The EQUINOXE dim sum set inherits the classics of Asian cuisine and brings a new dimension to the table.

The EQUINOXE dim sum set is made of ceramics and can be used for cooking and serving bowl set. The deep-dish combination with a bell shape is very suitable for condiments and hot dishes.



EQUINOXE點心套裝由陶瓷製成,可用於烹飪和盛菜之用, 帶有鐘形的深盤組合非常適合搭配調味品和熱菜。

Revol Equinoxe Dim Sum Serving Bowl Set Blanc Cumulus White 22cm

SKU: 000486