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In addition to showing Revol's superb craftsmanship, the Solstice series pebble breaks the tradition of porcelain tableware and changes the traditional style of the entire cooking world.

Davy Tissot, the chef of Saisons restaurant in Ecully, France, used this series of tableware to create extraordinary artistic dishes.

Solstice系列除表現出Revol高超的工藝, 更打破瓷器餐具的傳統,改變整個烹飪界的傳統風格。

法國EcullySaisons餐廳廚師Davy Tissot 就是利用了此系列的餐具, 創造出非凡藝術般的菜餚。

Revol Solstice Cosmos Gold Gourmet Pebble 4.8cm

SKU: 000085