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The 360-year-old Kutani-yaki technique is based on colorful colors (red, green, yellow, purple, and blue). The elegant and bold colors are glazed with a heavy glaze to show the transparent luster of the utensils. The rich colors of Kutani and the classic Japanese patterns have been the representative of high-end Japanese utensils for centuries.

The "Kutani Qingjiao Kiln" in Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture was opened during the Taisho period. Fully invested in the research and development of Kutani-yaki painting techniques, and successfully developed unique glazes and special transfer techniques with hand-painted textures, reproducing ancient Kutani's masterpiece series.

The small pottery box is matched with the traditional colorful patterns of nine valleys. When entertaining the guests, the Tang box filled with side dishes is served with sake, and the surprise when the lid is opened is even more enjoyable for the guests and the host.

In addition to being used as a small dish box on the dining table, it can also be a decorative accessory to decorate the interior space.

  • Dimension: Φ54xH54X H45mm

360年歷史的九谷技藝,是以五彩 (赤・緑・黄・紫・青)為基調,將優雅而大膽的用色以厚重的上釉方式,呈現出器皿具透明感的光澤。色彩濃烈的九谷五彩配上經典日式圖紋,百年來一直是高級和食器的代表。




  • 尺寸: Φ54xH54X H45mm


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